How to open an email account with Yahoo

Whether you're new to online Email accounts or if you're interested in opening a new one, we'll make it easy for you with a step by step guide. How to open an email account with Yahoo begins with a simple sign up process but you'll also need to know how to organise your inbox, so we'll also cover that.


Obviously you'll need to go to yahoo.com to begin with and click Create new account. The next screen begins the registration process. You'll probably find that the screen's set up for American users. If so, change to English (United Kingdom) in the dropdown box. You'll need to put in your first name and your surname to begin with followed by a Yahoo user name and a password. To make your password more secure make sure you use symbols, numbers and combine capital and lower case letters.


For security reasons and for resetting your password if you ever forget it, Yahoo ask for your mobile phone number and your date of birth. You can also opt to give Yahoo a recovery phone number, perhaps your partner's mobile phone number or an alternate mobile number if you have two phones. Once you've agreed to the terms and conditions you'll be brought into your inbox.

Yahoo inbox management

Now you know how to open an email account with Yahoo, you'll need to take a look at the settings and manage the inbox. Customising the inbox to suit your needs make a lot of sense. Why not navigate to Mail Options and click Blocked Addresses to stop unwanted mail if there are specific people you don't want to hear from.


Now you know how to open an email account with Yahoo, have a play with the inbox settings, customise the screen to your needs and set up rules. Organise folders for your inbox and your sent items and get to know more about Yahoo. For help with specific issues, go to help.yahoo.com.

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