How to make money on Steam fast

According to some news sites, fortunes are made on Steam. Well you can certainly make money from the site but the amount of cash you’re rewarded with has more to do with your efforts and skills than blind luck so be prepared to work for it. We’ll tell you how to make money on Steam fast, but don’t expect an easy ride.

Create an account

We’ll start right at the beginning so obviously you’ll need to create an account. Head to steampowered.com to do that. If you already have an account, open a second one to keep your personal and professional lives apart. With an account opened, the other requirements you’ll need to fulfil for this venture include the following: a bit of money in your Steam Wallet, plenty of time (several months at least), a fast, low ping internet connection, good PC accessories (mouse, headset etc) and food and water so you can eat at your desk to maximise your time.

What now?

With your new account buy a game in Steam and an item in TF2. This activates your account for purchases. Buy the cheapest full game and TF2 item so that Steam will give you access to free content.


Don’t waste your time socialising or working on other things – dedicate yourself to TF2. Watch videos about Team Fortess 2, read strategy guides. If you talk to anyone while you’re on this project, make sure the conversation sticks to TF2. Play any game mode but make sure it’s always online. Make sure you get loads of kills – that’s the important part. Be smart when you buy items and smarter still when you trade them – you’re trying to build up a great profile that people will want to buy.

End game

There are three ways that your efforts with TF2 on Steam can make you cash – firstly, you can sell off the account you’ve built up. Secondly, you can sell of items in the Stream Market. Thirdly, you can trade your items in the Steam Market for money.

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