How to make it through Monday morning

So, the weekend is over, you've managed to drag yourself out of bed and crawl into the office in time for the delightful Monday Morning Meeting. Do not despair, WebTwitcher has likewise scraped herself out of bed to cheer your October morning up with a reminder that, although it may be the first day of the week, it's also the beginning of one of the best calendar months of the year. Misty mornings, chilly, bright days and streets full of autumnal colours. Lovely!

October also ushers in an announcement that seems to have slipped into the press this morning without prior warning, that Tesco is launching it's own brand software to rival Microsoft. So when you're wandering down the cold meats aisle, you'll not only be able to divert to aisle 4 to buy a house, a quick trip to aisle 11 will be rewarded with sub £20 Tesco Office (or whatever they'll call it). Every Little Helps. I wonder if there'll be a "Tesco Value" no frills version? If you want more information visit TescoSoftware.com - still under development at the moment but no doubt will soon be updated.

Now, how to get you through your meeting...it's an old one, but the old ones are always the best. Bullshit Bingo of course! Turn your Monday meeting into madness and mayhem by distributing the Bullshit Bingo cards among your colleagues. BullshitBingo.net has the best resource, where you can print out some excellent playing cards. Of course, WebTwitcher is not suggesting that you don't concentrate in the meeting...on the contrary, you must stay alert if you want to win this fast-paced game.


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