How to lock stolen iPhone so a thief can’t use it

Your iPhone contains loads of personal information, lots of images of you and your family and all your contacts so it’s only natural that you’d want prying eyes to stay away from it. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to lock stolen iPhone so thieves can’t use it.
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Find my iPhone

You’ll be worried about losing the device itself and you’ll also be fearful that you’ll end up with a large bill for the period during which you didn’t know the iPhone was missing. The best way of avoiding these worries is to install “Find my iPhone.” The application aims to stop unwanted phone usage but it can easily be disabled if the thief takes your SIM card out of your iPhone. Although that’s true, this is your best defence so it pays to be aware of how it works.

To enable Find my iPhone

You’ll need to enable “Find my iPhone” before it’s lost or stolen. To do this go to “Settings” and choose “iCloud” from the menu. Toggle the icon “Find my iPhone” to “On” by tapping it. When your device is stolen, go to your computer as soon as possible and visit icloud.com. Log in and then click on “Find my iPhone”. This will begin a search, the result of which will show on a map. When the iPhone appears on the map click “Remote lock” to stop anyone using your device.

Final stages

Call your service provider if your device doesn’t appear on “Find my iPhone”. If it’s powered down or the SIM’s been removed, it won’t show, but your service provider can deactivate the SIM card for you so you won’t have to worry about unauthorised use of your phone which often leads to incredibly high bills.

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