How to know if your mobile is being tracked

Smartphones are basically mini-computers we carry around all day. They’re very powerful devices that can easily be used against us if spyware’s installed onto them. Apple iPhone users probably won’t have to worry too much about this sort of thing as the App Store tends to filter out spyware but Android users could easily find their smartphones tracked, monitored or tapped in one way or another.



If your phone is starting to behaviour in an odd way, don’t ignore the signs. This is often the only way of knowing that something’s wrong with your device. Is your phone making random noises, does it shutdown by itself or show any other behaviour you’re not used to? Most phones do strange things from time to time so don’t worry unnecessarily but if your device is doing the same thing on a regular basis, this is probably a sign that hidden software’s been installed on it.


Is the battery life not as good as it once was? That could be a sign that spyware has been installed. If your phone needs charging more often than before, perhaps there’s spyware running in the background that’s soaking up all the battery’s power. Modern spyware programs are designed to take up less power than older ones, but this unwanted program will still take additional power.

Shutting down

If your phone regularly shuts itself down, especially if it does so when the phone’s on charge, you could have a problem. Spyware by its very nature is full of bugs which cause this sort of odd behaviour. This is definitely a sign that something’s not right.

Unusual text messages

We all get unusual texts from time to time. Some are phishing scams about our PayPal account, others are random texts that the sender meant to send elsewhere but that’s not what we’re talking about here. The remote control feature of spyware often sends coded texts to your phone. On some occasions these can be seen and read by the user. This one really should act as a red flag that something’s wrong with your phone.

So what should you do?

If you have an Android device, run an antivirus program. That’s normally all you need to do in order to identify and remove the program that’s bugging your phone.

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