How to jailbreak iOS 8

If you’re one of many Apple users who aren’t all that pleased with the latest version of iOS 8 and want to return to the previous version, you can’t. It’s a frustration that a lot of users are facing as Apple will no longer allow you to downgrade to iOS 7. The best advice is to think twice about upgrading to iOS 8 but what can you do if you’ve already upgraded and want to jailbreak iOS 8?
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Apple used to make it possible for users to downgrade their operating system. When they introduced iOS 8 users could go back to iOS 7.1.2 without any issue but that’s not the case with the latest upgrade. When you connect your Apple device to iTunes, you’ll be prompted to update the software. If you’re unhappy or unsure, don’t allow the updates to take place. Those with a jailbroken device running iOS 7 should be very careful but the advice applies to Apple user.


There are two main teams who come up with jailbreak solutions for Apple devices. The first is evad3rs. Their jailbreak software is available as a download from evad3rs.net. There’s a $29 charge and no guarantees that it will work, although Evad3rs have a good reputation in this field. If you’re offered a free jailbreak for iOS 8, it probably won’t work or it could introduce something to your system so these are best avoided.


The guys behind Pangu are currently working on a hack for the software so there’s nothing showing on their site. When it’s available, there will be a charge to download. As with Evad3rs, these China based hackers have a good reputation for providing trustworthy software that does what it’s supposed to do.

Final word

Whether using software from Pangu or Evad3rs is legal or not is unclear, but you’re taking a risk when you download something that’s not official so think very carefully before upgrading to iOS 8. To help you decide, check our our guide to iOS 8's features.

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