How to insult your colleagues on an hourly basis

What better way to start Monday morning than to arm yourself with insults for the weekly meeting? As you, darling readers, were so enamoured with WebTwitcher's exquisite Shakespearean Insult Generator find, back in the heady days of July, I am delighted to announce that not only have I uncovered an equally, elegantly foul-mouthed assistant (the Elizabethan Curse Generator), I have also found its RSS feed!

So now your friends, family and most of all your colleagues sitting near you in the office, will be overjoyed with your new and elaborate cursing, when you add the feed, updated hourly no less, to your MIX.

I can assure you'll never be lost for words again, thou wanton earth-vexing flax-wench!


Get WebTwitcher recommended insults


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