How to install Ubuntu

As a default installation of Ubuntu comes with a wide selection of software packages including Firefox, LibreOffice, Empathy, Transmission, and games like Sudoku and chess, there's every reason to download it and run it on a host of different devices. We'll tell you how to install Ubuntu in a few easy steps.

Standard installation

The easiest way to install Ubuntu to your laptop or desktop machine is to use an installation Live CD. You'll have to visit ubuntu.com/download/desktop to begin with where you'll be able to download the latest version of the South African made software. Your next step is to burn this onto a USB or a blank DVD. Just boot from the installation CD to get Ubunta on your PC.

Alternative installation

If your device is unable to use the desktop installation CD for whatever reason, the following will tell you how to install Ubuntu without it. Maybe your laptop doesn't have a CD drive and you haven't got an external one. If that's the case, you'll need to install from USB. You could also try installing from within Windows but for that you'll have to download additional software such as UNetbootin or Wubi.

Run from the disc

You can test Ubunta before installing it by running it from the CD. It will be slower but you will be able to test it for hardware compatibility and driver support.

Other methods

There are a lot of other methods you can use to download the operating system. Far too many to go into here. So if you want to install from existing Linux system or install using a physical disk to a Virtual Machine, check out the firm's official site - help.ubuntu.com.


With updates available on a regular six month cycle, this is an operating system that never falls behind the competition. The Ubuntu project allows for open source development of the system which also helps it improve. Now that you know how to install Ubuntu onto your PC, why not run a trial with it?

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