How to instal WhatsApp on a Blackberry

If you want to know how to instal WhatsApp on a Blackberry, you’re probably aware of the message service’s advantages over Blackberry messenger. When the Blackberry arrived, Blackberry messenger was a major reason for taking out a new mobile phone contract as it meant you could keep in touch with your friends and share images without using MMS or text messages, but over time WhatsApp's taken over as the best instant messenger service.


Today, there is a Blackberry Messenger App for iPhone and other non-Blackberry devices so you can keep in touch with friends using the other devices. But you should still find out how to instal WhatsApp on a Blackberry because WhatsApp is a better service that allows you to transfer bigger files and it’s quickly become the world’s most popular messenger service.


Installing WhatsApp for Blackberry is very easy. You can either follow the link sent to you by a friend who's already using the instant messaging service or you can visit whatsapp.com and follow the process there. Make sure you go through your Blackberry rather than finding a link on your PC and forwarding that link to your mobile device, as the WhatsApp site detects which browser is being used and makes things easier for you.


If you already have WhatsApp and you're having problems with it, the best way to get it working properly is to reinstall the programme. The first thing you have to do is delete WhatsApp from your device. All you do is put the cursor over the Applications icon on the home screen, press the Blackberry button, select Applications and then select WhatsApp and then choose delete. After that the reinstall method is the same as the installation process.

Final word

With 450 million active users around the world, someone in your circle of friends will be using WhatsApp. Learning how to instal WhatsApp on a Blackberry isn't difficult and at the moment, the service is free for the first year. After that, there's a nominal fee to pay which you won't mind parting with because WhatsApp is so useful.

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