How to hide Blue Ticks on Whatsapp

The Blue Ticks on Whatsapp are a pretty new innovation from the messenger service but they’re one that users often want to remove because they tell the sender that their message has been read. We’ll tell you how to hide the Blue Ticks on Whatsappso you don’t need to worried about their presence.
    Getty - Gabriel Bouys

Method one

The first way you can get rid of these Blue Ticks is to turn off data and then read the WhatsApp message. That’s a little bit annoying at times and it’s not a permanent solution to this minor but annoying little issue.

Method two

If you’ve already installed the update that comes with these Blue Ticks, then you can download the older version. Downloading the previous update of WhatsApp and installing it will bring your smartphone’s application back to the way it was before the instant messenger service decided to make this change. Before you download, you’ll need to delete everything in the WhatsApp Folder which can be found on the phone’s internal storage. Be careful not to delete the folders though.

Method three

If you don’t have the latest version, don’t install it. That’s the best way of staying away from this irritating little update. Having said that, you won’t be able to stay away from the current version of WhatsApp forever. Sooner or later, you’ll be made to download it so perhaps you’re just holding off the inevitable by refusing to download the update.


Whichever version you're using and whichever way you choose to remove the Blue Ticks from WhatsApp makes no difference to the application's processes and there are no differences when billing is concerned. So if you get the sort of scam message we discuss in this article, you can ignore it.

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