How to get free Hearthstone packs

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is one of those games that draws users in, even those who have little or no interest in collectible card games. It’s not really designed for those who don’t play this sort of game but it’s so good that it drags users in. If you’re one of the addicted many, you’ll want to know how to get free Hearthstone packs.

Promotional Bonus Packs

One of the best ways of guaranteeing yourself a free Hearthstone pack is to look for promotions from Blizzard Entertainment. The one that’s been doing the rounds recently is a free Reaper of Packs with Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Another expert card pack that’s been offered with this game is Greater Reaper of Packs. As well as getting Diablo 3, you also need to open a battle.net account which will allow you to redeem a maximum of five bonus Expert Card Packs with each account.

Galaxy gifts

Our research suggests that these gifts are not authorised by Blizzard Entertainment so we can’t really vouch for them but nevertheless, you can get “Galaxy Gift” packs if you have a Samsung Galaxy device. You’d be downloading these at your own risk but if you’d like more information, head to reddit.com/r/hearthstone.

The hard way

Well, you can always do things the hard way by playing Arena Mode. This has to be the most profitable method of getting gold, cards and packs but it’s difficult to master and it takes lots of time to figure out completely. Working out how to approach each match is hard enough but with a lot of dedication, this is another method of gaining packs.

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