How to get a discount on Amazon and where to find Outlet at Amazon

If you look in the right places and you check at the right times, you can get anything up to 75% off at Amazon. That’s the sort of discount that would make a dream from the financial nightmare that Christmas shopping can become if you’ve got a lot of people to buy presents for. Read on to find out how to get a discount on Amazon.
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One-stop shop

Amazon makes things easy for you so you can find yourself using the site as a one-stop shop for all of your presents when there’s an occasion like Christmas coming up. Be careful though as this convenience can come at a price. You should check the retailers own site when you find something that catches your eye as it’s sometimes cheaper. Sounds strange, but Amazon’s 'price parity' policy, which stopped retailers from selling their items cheaper on other sites, is no longer in operation.

Outlet at Amazon

This is something that most users aren’t aware exists but it’s the main tool for getting a great price from Amazon. This is the place where 75% discounts have been found by lucky shoppers. You’ll need to type this into your browser to get to the site as Amazon like to keep it underwraps - amazon.co.uk/Outlet-Clearance-Discontinued-Bargain-Discount. You’ll find everything from clothing to jewellery there, all at greatly reduced rates. The trick here is to search the site for the very best deals. Don’t assume that reduced items you see on the front page are the best offers available. With a little searching, you’ll find the best deals.

Free delivery

Normally you’ll have to spend £10 or more to get free delivery. That’s a pain if your order comes to something like £7. You can order something small that you need already to get it up to £10 or you could join Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime

All newcomers to Amazon Prime are offered a free trial for one month. You’ll get unlimited free one-day deliveries as a Prime customer. Why not sign up, take the free delivery and then cancel the service before you’re asked to pay any money?

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