How to find cheap SX425W ink online

The Epson Stylus SX425W is a mid-range multifunction printer with wireless capabilities and many other features including borderless photo-quality printing, a flash memory card reader, USB connectivity and a built-in scanner and photocopier. Obtainable for under £50, it is particularly cheap considering its wide range of features and exceptionally high quality printing.

One of the cons regarding this particular printer was that, during the first months after its release, it was impossible to buy cheap SX425W ink as there were no compatible cartridges available. On the other hand, you only need to replace one colour at once since there are separate cartridges for cyan, magenta and yellow.

Compatible SX425W ink cartridges now exist, making the SX425W a fairly affordable printer to run. However, many people are still concerned about buying compatible cartridges partly due to the fact that doing so will invalidate your printer's warranty. Nonetheless, as the cost of replacing all of the cartridges is almost as much as the cost of the entire printer, this will not bother many people.

One of the best places to find cheap cartridges is Amazon.co.uk, where you can also find reviews of the various options available. For example, you can purchase two full sets of compatible cartridges (8 in total) for as little as £19.99 plus delivery.

If you prefer to buy genuine cartridges, you can do so at Epson.co.uk amongst other places. In the official Epson online store, the prices for a full set of genuine cartridges is £31.26 including VAT.

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