How to Extend Wifi Airport Express

It can be frustrating roaming around the house and suddenly losing your Wifi signal. Thankfully there are ways to get more coverage within your home or workspace so that you don’t have to be huddled around the Wi-Fi base station and you can use Airport Express to boost your signal.

    Matthew Bowden - Wikimedia

Start by going to your nearest electronic shop or go online and purchase an AirPort Express. Once you have procured it, plug it into the current AirPort base station and place the Express wherever you are in need of a stronger signal. Pull out your Mac and head to Applications-Utilities Folder and open the Express app. There you should find a drop down menu with the new Wifi device found under “Other Wifi Devices” and then follow the set up instructions from there.

If you are are in a larger space though and need to have a much wider Wifi coverage there is another option available to you. By using AirPort Utility, you can create wireless connections with multiple Wifi base stations and thus create a much larger roaming network. The primary base station is the one that connects to the modem, holds the gateway address for the Internet and commonly provides the DHCP service for the Network.

From there, connect to other Wifi base stations which can be anything from an AirPort Express to an AirPort Extreme Base station. When you combine and use multiple base stations wirelessly or via Ethernet, you create a physically greater space of coverage in case one station is out of range. This multi-base station network allows you to extend your network range or internet access, printing, storage or other uses.

Ethernet is usually the best option if you want to connect to other Wifi base stations as there is no management involved and it is easier to troubleshoot. Remember though, the more obstacles between your iPad, iPhone or other wireless devices and the base station, the weaker the radio signal will be and therefore the lower throughput will be.

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