How to drink beer on a summer evening

The weekend is finally here, which can only mean one thing. Beer. But obviously in this heat, not too much of it otherwise you'll explode. However the odd pint in a beer garden is a must while we swealter underneath the red and white umbrellas, marvelling at who's got the worst sunburn.

If you're staying indoors to escape the scorch, there are a multitude of beer-based sites with RSS feeds you can add to your MIX. Check out Beer Advocate and the Good Beer Blog for starters. If you want up to date information on where the best beer festivals are, a visit to Only Fine Beer is a must. They do have an RSS feed to update you, but at the time of looking it was not working, so I guess it's watch this space on that one.

Final WebTwitcher words of wisdom for looking after your beer-swilling self? I'll let the NHS do the mothering on that one!


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