Ever wanted to know how to download DS games onto an SD card?

Video games are big business these days. You can't go anywhere without seeing dozens of people playing their Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, iPhone or whatever else to wile away the time on public transport or while waiting to meet people in bars or coffee shops. We've definitely come a long way since even the mid 90s where video games were considered to be for children and children only.

In the years that followed, it would appear that not only have the kids of that generation grown up into a generation of video game loving adults, but the hobby has picked up a huge amount of new fans into the bargain. Thanks to the intuitive control systems of Nintendo systems such as the DS and the Wii, there are millions of people around the world currently enjoying their first ever foray into the world of gaming - something we never would have thought possible up until recently.

Unfortunately, not only has gaming become more popular, but one of the problems that has blighted it since its inception has grown to unprecedented levels too. We are of course talking about video game piracy.

Often when people ask their friends how to download DS games onto SD card they don't realise that what they're doing is illegal, but it most certainly is. Not only that, but it's an act that carries severe penalties for those who are caught, not to mention the effect it has on the gaming industry.

Items like the R4DS flash cartridge system which allows you to illegally download DS games from the internet in order to play on your console are hurting the gaming industry like never before, and unless the general public stops going down the piracy route we are in serious danger of losing dozens of the best loved development studios in the world.

With so many legal options available like second hand game sales at your local video game store and the arrival of cheap games on demand which can be downloaded legally using the Wii Store on your DS, there is very little excuse for anyone to be pirating their games in this day and age. Just like with anything else, if you can't afford it then you'll have to do without it until you can!


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