How to dispose of ink cartridges

In the UK, the average house uses between 2 to 3 ink cartridges a year. These things are normally really small and seem insignificant but you really should dispose of them properly. We’ll tell you how to dispose of ink cartridges properly because just chucking it in your bin will lead to a 1,000 year wait for it to decompose.
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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your one or two cartridges make no difference. The truth with recycling is that if we all do our bit for the environment, the planet will be left in a better shape for future generations. Recycle Appeal, who can be found at recyclingappeal.com, are an organisation who will take printer cartridge for reuse and recycling. These guys raise funds for charity through this endeavour so you’ll be helping the environment and those in need.

Recycling Box

The Recycling Box scheme is another one that seeks to reuse and recycle ink cartridges in the UK. Over the years they’ve provided more than £3 million for charities. You’ll find out more about these guys and how they recycle cartridges by heading to recyclingbox.co.uk where you’ll be asked to create a logon which will allow you to request recycling boxes for your ink cartridges.

Support your schools

In some borough councils such as Slough, you can join the scheme and be sent a recycling bag. This scheme works very much like the others featured here.

Did you know?

On average an inkjet cartridge takes around 250ml of oil to make. In the UK there are 24 million homes with PCs and around 35 million cartridges are disposed of annually. That makes around 28,000 tonnes of empty ink cartridges. Unfortunately, around 70% of that (19,600 tonnes) goes into landfill at the moment.

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