How to delete sweet page

Unfortunately with the tech savy world that we live in, along with all the good things that come from having everything so accesible comes the not so great things. Viruses are a can be a serious problem and should be taken care of ASAP. Sweet-page is no exception. This browser hijacking virus and should be removed asap. Here is a quick look at how to delete sweet page from Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.


How to know if you have been attacked:

1. Your homepage and default are replaced with Sweet-page and when you search you are redirected to malicious sites.

2. More pop-up ads than normal are showing up.

3.Your computer is running slow.

How to Delete Sweet Page

Internet Explorer:

Go to homepage > tools in the toolbar > manage add ons > search providers. From there, choose a search engine that you trust, right click it, and make it your default. Then find the one that you don't trust, select it, right click, and remove it.

Go to icon on desktop- right click-select properties-in the target line delete everything after firefox.exe, iexplorere.exe or chrome.exe. then click apply


Start up Firefox and then go to the Options tab followed by General Tab and from there select restore to default and make sure you have correct default website listed, then hit okay.

Now look by the search engine and click on the arrow button. In the drop down, select Manage Search Engine and then proceed to select and delete the ones that are harmful.

Google Chrome:

Go to Menu > Settings then go with open the New Tab page and click Set Pages. If sweet-page comes up, x it and remove it. Go to the Appearance tab and click on Show Home Button > Change. Set the home page to what you prefer.


Learning how to delete sweet page is pretty straight forward, but it is always better to prevent viruses from attacking your computer. Look into virus scanning tools such as AVG, Norton, or Malware which will help you identify anything that is harmful for your computer and get rid of it.

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