How to delete photos from the iPhone

We all take tons of pictures in an effort to capture every moment. However, not every photo that we snap is worth keeping so you might want to know how to delete photos from your iPhone.You will not only save space and memory on your phone, but will also keep your iPhone free from clutter keeping only the best shots.

Ways to delete pictures

Deleting a few photos is quite easy, but if you are not in the habit of getting rid of unwanted pics on a regular basis, you might find you have a ton of them stored in your phone. Here's how to delete photos from your iPhone:

Deleting single photos

  • Start the Photos application.
  • Tap the photo you would like to delete.
  • Tap the trash icon to delete the photo.
  • If asked whether you want delete the photo, click on the appropriate response - delete or cancel the action.

Multiple photos

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Go to the Camera Roll.
  • Tap “select” button.
  • Select each photo you want to delete.
  • Once done, tap on the trash button and confirm whether you truly want to delete the photos or not.

Group of photos

  • Launch “Photos” application.
  • Go to the “Photos” section which can be found at the bottom of the phone screen.
  • If you have been paying attention, you will notice that the Photos tab organises pictures you have taken by Years>Collections>Moments.
  • Once you have decided which bunch of photos you want to delete, tap on the icon.
  • Tap “Select” and all photos in this group will have a check mark. If you want to delete them all, confirm the selection or deselect.

Deleting photos cannot be undone

Now that we taught you how to delete photos from your iPhone, you can do the same steps on other Apple devices that you own such as an iPad or an iPod. Just remember deleting photos is nearly an irreversible process. Deleted photos will be difficult to recover so think carefully before making those swiping actions.

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