How to delete a Facebook account permanently

With about 1.23 billion users a month, Facebook is arguably the most popular social networking site today. If you’re the type who is reluctant to share something about yourself, then this is obviously not for you. For those who are on Facebook, there is also a way to get out if you find social networking so intrusive. We show you how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

Deleting an account in easy steps

Here is how to delete a Facebook account with no option for recovery:

  • Type this address on your browser -facebook.com/help/224562897555674.
  • Click on the blue link 'let us know'.
  • It will take you the page where you can delete your account.
  • Click 'Delete My Account' button.
  • Type your password and captcha.
  • You will get a message which says your account is deactivated and will be permanently deleted within 14 days.
  • Should you change your mind, you can still modify its status within the time frame till it is permanently deleted.
  • This means when you log back in, it will tell you that your account is scheduled for deletion. You can confirm or cancel deletion.

If you are preparing for your exams and do not want the distraction of Facebook, you can also just deactivate your account, as follows.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Security Settings.
  • At the bottom, it should say 'Deactivate Account.' Click on it.
  • Then you get the page where it asks you to confirm your reason for leaving such as feeling insecure or receiving too many emails.
  • Confirm your decision.
  • Type in your password. Deactivation is instant.

Deactivating your FB means all your posts and profile cannot be found. It is just hidden. However, should you have a change of heart, you can always go back to Facebook. The process is quicker as you just have to log in and you are activated instantly.

Deleting or deactivation

Learning how to delete your Facebook account is really an easy thing. In strict terms, you cannot delete your account with just a click of a button. You have to get the right link for the Delete My Account button to appear. Deactivating an account is an easier solution if you just want to take a breather from social networking.

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