How to delete accounts on PS3

Sometimes a PS3 gets used by multiple gamers so loads of player profiles are created. In other instances, users who are selling their PS3 will want to remove their accounts before putting their console onto an auction site. Either way, you might find that you need to delete one or two from time to time. Read on and we’ll tell you how to delete accounts on PS3.
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How to delete an account

Deleting an account’s pretty simple. To do so log into your PS3 as the user you want to delete. Then you select the icon of the user and press the triangle button. Selecting Delete from the options menu will complete the task.

Why you should delete unwanted user accounts

There are lots of things that the PS3 will delete when you get rid of a user’s account so it pays to be aware of them before you go ahead and get rid of the account. Deleting a user’s account will remove any data downloaded from the PlayStation Store such as game or additional items for games. All of the user’s messages sent and received will go, as will their bookmarks, history and other settings under the Internet Browser. Any data saved on the PS Vita System Application Utility will disappear as will PS Vita backup files. Saved data on minigames and PSP game software will also go. Info on the image that’s been set as wallpaper will vanish, words from the predictive text dictionary will also be lost and keyboard and mouse settings stored under Accessory Settings will go. The same thing will happen to theme, background and colour settings.

Further info

If you’re not sure whether this really is worth doing, head to manuals.playstation.net for more information.

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