How to create friends lists on Facebook

Facebook’s been with us a while now so you’ve probably got a lot of Friends on the site. How many of them do you regularly keep in touch with you? How many do you actually want to hear about regularly? When you think about it, it could well be that only a small percentage of those you’re connected to on the site are people you want to know more about. To do this you’ll need to create lists. We’ll tell you how to create Friend lists on Facebook so you can organise your contacts.
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Friends lists

More often than not, Facebook friends are acquaintances, colleagues or people we used to know. Thankfully you can organise your group of friends into various lists. To get you started the guys at Facebook have already created three lists:Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted. Each group offers the Friends you put into them different levels of access to your Facebook profile.

Close Friends

People in this category will feature more on your News Feed and you’ll get notifications every time they post. You do get the option to turn off these extra notifications if one or two of your friends start posting more often than you can handle.


The guys in this list are those you don’t need to stay close with. They rarely show up on your News Feed and you can choose to exclude these people when you post something. To do this, select “Friends except Acquaintances” in the Audience Selector when you post an item.


This third tier of friends are those you don’t want to share with. This is ideal for people you work with whose Friend Request you couldn’t ignore for example. They guys will only be able to see your Public content or posts of you in which you’ve tagged them.

Creating a list

If the above lists aren’t doing what you want, you can create a new list. To do so, scroll to Friends on the left hand side of the News Feed and click “Create List”. Enter the name for your new list and then the names of those you want in it. All you then do is click “Create”.

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