How to complain about telemarketing calls

Telemarketing callscome at any time of day. To most people, they’re never welcome so you’ll probably want to know how to make sure you don’t get them. We’ll tell you how to complain about telemarketing calls and where to go to prevent this type of nuisance caller phoning you.

Unsolicited telesales calls

If you get unsolicited telesales calls, you can either slam the phone down in anger or you can do something a little smarter about it. There are two ways to deal with the situation. You can either call the firm directly and tell them you no longer want to be on their list. Assuming you can do so without getting into an argument, this is probably the best way of dealing with the calls. Your other choice is to register with the Telephone Preference Service.

Telephone Preference Service

The TPS offer a service where you can register your phone number with them and they’ll make sure that you no longer receive unsolicited sales and marketing calls. You’ll need to go to tpsonline.org.uk to register. Once there, the process is pretty simple. Choose whether the line is a business or residential line, then enter your phone number. You can also use TPS to make a complaint about annoying sales calls. You go to the same site to do this but you’ll need to have been registered with TPS for at least 28 day. The call you want to talk about has to be a live unsolicited direct marketing call rather than a voice message or one of those recorded calls we all get telling us we could have payment protection insurance money owed to us. You’ll need the company’s name and the date and time you took the call. You also have to agree that some of the info you provide will be passed to the firm you’re complaining about.

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