How to combine PDF files

Sending loads of separate PDF attachments is fine for most of us but it’s not very professional. Making all the documents into one can be done if you rescan them all as one document but if you’ve received the PDFs from various sources, you’ll need to know how to combine PDF files.

Merge and combine files in PDF

Aside from sending less attachments, there are other advantages to combining PDF docs. You can merge different PDFs into the correct order, rotate pages when necessary and delete parts. The process we’ll going to bring you through will allow you to add bookmarks, headers, footers, and page numbers to add greater clarity to the document.

How to merge PDF documents

The process is pretty simple so most users can tackle this without worrying that they might lose precious data. To start, go into Acrobat and then click on the Tools menu. Now select "“Combine Files”. Once you’ve done that, click “Add Files”. At this point you’ll be asked to select the files you need to combine into one PDF. Click, drag and drop the right files around to reorder the files and pages. You’ll need to double click a particular file if you want to rearrange individual pages within it. Use the delete key to remove anything you don’t want. When all the rearranging is completed and you’re happy with the result, click “Combine Files” then click the “Save” button to complete.

Further reading

If you want to know more about Adobe Acrobat and working with PDFs in general, head to acrobat.adobe.com. Before you attempt anything more advanced than using Adobe to read PDFs, make sure your Adobe program is up to date. Again, you’ll need to head to acrobat.adobe.com to make sure.

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