How to choose genuine Samsung toner cartridges

For your Samsung printer, photocopier or fax machine, you need genuine Samsung toner cartridges. The market has an abundance of both re-manufactured and original brands for these. In order to ensure that you spot on the genuine brands only, it is important that you bear the following in mind to avoid causing damage to your machine.

You can choose from Samsung colour toner cartridges or mono toner cartridges depending on the series of the Samsung model of your machine. Therefore, ensure that the cartridges you obtain from the market bear the correct serial numbers and the model. The outer covering must also bear the Samsung emblem. In addition, the covering of the cartridges should not carry the labels that indicate that they are compatible or re-manufactured.

While checking on the genuine covering of the packages, you also need to check on the stores from which you can buy the cartridges. You can find various stores online; however, you must make sure that they deal with authentic products.  Such stores as cartridgeco.co.uk, provide this distinction. The prices for genuine range from a minimum of £ 45 while the re-manufactured range from a minimum of £ 11.

On the other hand, you could settle for a store that does refill toners for your Samsung machines. Even so, ensure that they have indicated the genuine ink from the fake. Once you identify the series of your machine, they can refill the original ink for you hence you make little savings from that. Visiting cartridgesave.co.uk, you can get the cheapest refill for your machine.

Samsung toner cartridges are available online for sale or for refill. All you have to do is give the specifications of your machine while ensuring that the store has distinguished the genuine from the fake toner. Read customer reviews and expert opinions to get more information about the various stores dealing with ink cartridges.

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