How to care for your laptop

Fed up with replacing your laptop? Even the cheapest laptop should last years if you take care of it correctly. Here are some basic care tips to keep your computer in the best possible condition...

  • Don't eat or drink around your laptop. Even the smallest crumbs or drops of water can be damaging to your laptop if they get inside the components.
  • Exercise the laptop battery to make it last longer. Unplug it from the wall when it is fully charged and don't plug it in again until it is empty. Do this at least once a week.
  • Even powerful laptops can overheat if left on for prolonged periods of time. Change the settings so that it goes into sleep or hibernation mode when not in use.
  • Avoid transported your laptop when it's on. Jumps and jars can damage the hard drive.
  • Don't put heavy objects on top of your laptop as this can damage the screen.
  • Never close the laptop with any object inside. The screen is the easiest part to damage (and the most expensive part of fix!) and even a few sheets of paper can cause it stress.
  • Ensure that a good anti virus and firewall is installed. Viruses can damage and even erase your files.
  • Avoid touching the LCD screen. Only use specially designed wipes to clean it.
  • Ensure the hinges are kept clean and dry.
  • Make sure that the laptop has plenty of ventilation when it's in use - especially around the back and sides.

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