How to buy a cheap iPhone

Apple's iPhone remains the most coveted brand of smartphone on the market. Prices for the latest models can be prohibitive though, especially when there's a new version on the market every 18 months. If a cheap Android model simply won't do, you need to explore the various ways how to buy a cheap iPhone.

Cut-price Apples

The smartphone market is becoming increasingly feverish with all the major tech companies looking for a slice of the action. The first brand of smartphone on the market retains its cachet though. For those who simply have to have the Apple logo on their phone, it pays to know how to buy a cheap iPhone.

For older models, the online auction sites and outlets like Gumtree are obvious destinations. While iPhones do retain their value more obviously than other phones, timing may be key. When Apple release the latest version of the iPhone, the markets may be saturated with users offloading their older models. When a new model hits the shelves, it may be the best opportunity to snap up bargain deals on the previous model.

For some users though, the appeal of an iPhone is tied up with having the latest model. The latest handsets come with a daunting price tag, but it is possible to reduce or at least spread the cost by signing up to a deal with a network.

The terms and conditions of these deals can be intimidatingly complex, so it's worth studying the small print and using the comparison sites to get the best deals depending on your usage and data requirements.

Power issues

Ebay might seem an obvious resource for those wondering how to buy a cheap iPhone, but beware of rock bottom prices. Older iPhones may have battery issues so the phone will not recharge fully. Research the practicalities and expense of replacing the battery before getting too excited about snapping up an iPhone for a tenner.

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