How to block pop ups on Chrome

Pop ups are one of the most annoying things you deal with when you're online. Sometimes you can find that 5 or 6 have appeared without you noticing while you browsed, but at other times they get in the way of your enjoyment of the web while you're browsing. Thankfully, we'll tell you how to block pop ups on Chrome.

Auto blocking

Google Chrome will automatically block pop ups unless you've changed the settings. When you’re searching the web, the browser stops them from appearing and displays an icon in the address bar to show that they've been stopped. If you decide that you actually want to see the pop up, you can click on the icon and it will be displayed.

Simple process

There’s a simple way to turn off pop ups on the browser if the auto block isn’t working, so we’ve got just five stages to go through before you find out how to block pop ups on Chrome. To stop pop ups from appearing and cluttering your screen, click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar then select “settings”. After that click on “Show Advanced Settings”. When the “Privacy” section opens, click the “Content” settings button. There will be a “Pop ups” section from which you can select “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups.”

Allow pop ups

If you’re interested in allowing pop ups, you can do that just as easily. To allow all pop ups on Chrome, you click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, select settings and then click “Show Advanced Settings”. There’s a “Privacy” section on the next screen from which you should click “Content settings”. From there you choose the “Pop ups” section and then select “Allow all sites to show pop ups”. You can also manage exceptions from this screen.

Chrome settings

Now you know how to block pop ups on Chrome, you'll probably want to find out more about the browser and influencing its settings. The best source for information on Google Chrome is support.google.com. Along with the normal trouble shooting advice, you'll find out further info on how to personalise the browser.

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