How to block a phone number on iPhone, Android and BT Landline

When someone gets your number and they won’t stop calling, what can you do? Well if you’d rather not shout down the phone at them, you’ll need to block the call. Thankfully this is easy enough to do with any smartphone. We’ll tell you how to block a phone number on both Android and iPhone so you can limit the amount of unwanted calls you get.
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How to block a phone number on Android

Android phone users only need to follow these five steps to block unwanted calls. Step 1 is to open the Phone app, then you tap Call Settings. Tap Call Rejection and then tap Auto Reject List to open the list. Here the fifth and final stage allows you to specify the exact number you need blocked. You can also add numbers to this list that match a specific search string you specify.

How to block a phone number on iPhone

Blocking a caller is easier if you have their number added to your phone book. To block the call go to Settings, Phone, Blocked and then Add New. If you don’t have the number in your phone book, go to Recent from the Phone App. From there touch the “I” on the right hand side and then select Block this Caller.

How to block a phone number on a Landline

Sometimes the most persistent callers are those who phone your home number. Thankfully you can block them. If you have a BT line you can use “Choose to Refuse” to get rid of nuisance callers. This service allows you to block up to 10 callers, including withheld numbers. You can even choose to block the last call you answered which is handy because this sort of service tends to be taken up moments after a user’s received a nuisance call. If you need more info on this service, check out bt.custhelp.com.

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