How to become a Film Fanatic

Film buffs of the world rejoice! RSS feeds are available to quench your thirst for regularly updated news, reviews and trailer previews. MyMovies.net has a great selection of the latest trailers and their RSS feed will keep you bang up to date with what's on the big screen, as will MovieWeb.com.

If you're looking for irreverent, intelligent comment, the Mark Kermode film reviews podcast from BBC Five Live is a great one to add to your MIX. These are the reviews you need to hear if you're serious about Film and need short tips on what to see and what to avoid. For the serious film buffs, Movie Archive is an absolute must. It also has a fabulous RSS feed you can add to your MIX.

I've got Time Out's film feed on my MIX at the moment which I'm following regularly, as well as Kurt's Film Blog. If you fancy your chances at winning some great film goodies check out FilmFocus.co.uk's competition feed too.


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