How to be YouTube

There may never have been a finer time-wasting invention than YouTube. All of human life is there, just waiting for you to insult it in the comments. But over the short years since its launch a few things have emerged as essential truths of online video. If you want to be taken seriously as a poster, heed the Seven Sacred Truths of YouTube…

1) Remember that you are a genius. People who disagree are idiots.

2) Make sure you add a dire copyright warning to your video – possibly on every frame – even though you ripped the content off from the TV.

3) Everything – EVERYTHING – must have music.

4) Luckily all movies, from football compilation clips to art house efforts, are perfectly suited to the same music.

5) That music is Encore un Fois by Sash.

6) Most feature film clips are improved by your editing.

7) Use special effects whenever possible, even if it makes it harder to actually see the picture. They’re called special for a reason.

Happy posting!

(Image: from originalhamster’s flickr stream)

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