How to backup iPhone contacts

If you’re worried about losing years’ worth of contacts from your iPhone, then you’ll be interested to learn how to back up iPhone contacts onto iTunes, iCloud or through an app. A little mistake like losing your phone in a public place, dropping it in water or damaging it can take away all of that data so make sure you back up your contacts as soon as possible.
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Whenever you’re phone is plugged into the mains, locked and running on Wi-Fi it will try to automatically upload your data to iCloud. If you’d like to get this done manually, all you have to do is go to Settings, select iCloud and then select Storage and Backup.


You can also use iTunes to back up your contact details from the iPhone. Your PC or Mac will need the iTunes app on it before you start and your phone will need to be plugged into the computer through USB. With iTunes open you’ll see the iPhone icon in the left column. Click this and then choose the “info” tab at the top of the iPhone page. You’ll find this tab between the “Summary” and “Apps” tabs. Click “Sync Contacts” to back up your data. At this point iTunes may come up with a message saying “Your contacts are being synced with your iPhone over the air.” If that’s the case, your iPhone is already set up for iCloud back up. If you don’t get that message, go back to the summary page and select “Back Up Now” to complete the data copy.

Backup Apps

As you’d expect from iPhone, there’s an app for this too. Some of the most highly recommended ones include My Contacts Backup and Easy Backup but search the app store if you’re interested in using an app to back up your data.

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