How fast is Facebook? 0-$10bn in 3 years

If you're not on Facebook, apparently, you don't exist. Over a million Londoners alone have now signed up to the phenomenally successful social networking site that just won't seem to stay out of the UK media spotlight. Security scares, huge user numbers, stalkers, law suits and advertising horror stories are all doing the rounds on a daily basis. Our favourite rumour: it's owned by the CIA in a bid to garner insider information on connections and peer groups.

But the hype is not without reason it would appear, as this week everybody's favourite multinational Microsoft has said it wants to get its hands on a share of the Facebook pie - 5% to be exact.

"And just how much would 5% of Facebook cost, if I was thinking of chipping in?", we hear you cry. Don't go running to Northern Rock to extract your savings just yet. Unless of course you have a spare $300m to $500m hanging around that the bank is not using to get itself out of a spot of bother with.

This values the company at a cool $10 billion dollars. Google has also expressed an interest, which should keep 23-year-old Founder Mark Zuckerberg in good spirits.

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