how do i get hd tv in the UK?

There's literally never been a better time to get HD (High definition) TV if you're in the UK. There are plenty of options to choose from, so if you're wondering - how do i get hd tv? Then this blog sets out to answer that.

Befroe you go researching available channels, you'll need to set yourself up with a HD Television set. These TV's have come way down in price after being on the market for a few years, so you shouldn't have to shell out more than 500 pounds for a decent set.

Once you've got that, it's time to take a look at the different providers offering HD TV in the UK. Sky Television is probably the biggest service provider, and they offer up to a whopping 50 high-definition channels. For details on subscribing to Sky check out their website at - http://www.sky.com/shop. Here you can find details on the different bundles the broadcaster is offering.

If the idea of paying a monthly subscription is off putting, then you'll be comforted to know that the BBC rolled out their HD service a number of years ago on the Freeview and Freesat platforms. You'll still need to buy a digital receiver and satelite dish, but these shouldn't cost you too much.

BT Vision and Virgin Media also offer HD TV services, but for us, Sky is the best option to go for if you can afford the subscription fee, as the choice of programming is second to none.

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