How BIG is the iPhone?

Ha! Remember that day, back in January 2007 when a then unknown gadget called the iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs? Yes, yes, yes there were critics left, right and in the centre claiming that it would be a flash in the pan, a fad for the affluent, well how wrong they were? But just, HOW wrong were they?

According the geeks at Trefis, they were very wrong, because their new stats say that if you took the iPhone as a stand along product/away from Apple’s other gadgets it would be bigger than Coke, Pepsi, Toyota and Nike. KER and CHING! The true financial facts of the iPhone aren’t known outside Apple HQ but its estimated that it’s worth a tasty $209bn whilst Coca-Cola is only worth $138 billion, and that’s been around for about a 100 years.

So how BIG is the iPhone? It’s frickin’ HUGE!

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