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Prices are going up again. Mwaphwhat?! After giving my first-time-buyer brother tips on where to start with house hunting, I thought I'd share my gems of knowledge for those of you starting on the "how can a shoe box cost that much" property ladder. It's a fact that we Brits are obsessed with the whole property shindig. Price fluctuations, interest rates, mortgages and DIY...its a growing national trait and the web is just feeding the fire.

By now, everyone who's anyone knows someone who's bought and sold their home online, so WebTwitcher has scouted around to bring some of the best from the myriad of services and sites around, with a quick fools-guide on how to go about it thrown in for good measure.

Start with Monkey Move if you have a place to sell. Then, Rightmove.co.uk and Property Finder are two great sites if you are hunting for your dream home. When you've found it, use the Guardian's simple mortgage repayment calculator to see if you can afford it. Next step, find someone to give you the money (easier said than done!) - use a mortgage comparison service like Excite UK's Mortgage Comparison tool to help you trawl the market for some of the best products.

Finally, find a surveyor, get yourself a solicitor and stay in the loop with RSS feeds from the Telegraph Property, This is Money and the UK Property News blog. WebTwitcher wants to know what your experiences are buying or selling property online...


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