The Hour of Code: 3 big reasons you should learn to code

The Hour of Code is an initiative first launched in the U.S. by Code.org, a non-profit organization. The goal of Hour of Code was to raise awareness about what coding is and introduce coding into U.S. school curriculum. The campaign attempts to teach people the basics elements of computer programming in a fun and simple way within an hour. Hour of Code was launched in the UK beginning of 2014 and has been well received in schools and classrooms across the country. If you are still wondering, here are three big reasons you should heed the call of Hour of Code call and learn to code.

1. Learning to code is easy.

One of the biggest misconception about learning how to code is that that it is a geeky undertaking reserved only for geniuses. However, learning to code is not for geniuses. Anybody can learn to code without even having to go back to school. Learning to code is just like learning how to write effectively. Even without a degree in communications you can learn and be an effective writer if you want to.

The best part of coding is that you can learn how to code from the comfort of your own home even though you have no background in programming. Just visit the Hour of Code official website at uk.code.org or websites like codecademy.com and code School.com for online courses to kick start your coding knowledge. Even kids can learn how to code to unleash the next generation of creativity.

2. Coding enhances creativity and approach to problems.

Steve jobs is quoted saying, "Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” The skills you gain when you learn to code entail breaking down your project into small steps and then combining them to create something new. This calls for creative thinking and is similar to solving a puzzle more so than learning to write or learning a new language.

Coding skills enable you to think through problems carefully and creatively. Apart from that, coding is now a critical component in almost any business operations from accounting to communications and sales and marketing. You gain transferable skills that give you a professional edge when you learn to code.

3. You can make money from home with coding skills.

Apart from being easy and flexible to learn, focusing on coding opens exciting telecommuting opportunities to work from home or anywhere else you like. With coding skill all you need to earn money from home is a computer withinternet connection and drive to launch a telecommuting business or launch a start up. Some of the riches people in the world today made use of their coding skills to launch profitable start ups. Think of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Larry Page and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Visit the Hour of Code website to learn more about computer programming at www.uk.code.org.

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