Use the hotspot shield to protect your identity and data

Hotspot shield is a software developed by AnchorFree offering free or paid service using the virtual private network. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your data and your anonymity while online, the service is an option to get your devices protected from unwanted hackings and intrusions. Its main attraction is the freedom it gives to users giving access to blocked sites while at the same time preserving privacy and data control.

Free or paid subscription

The software can be downloaded for free or as a paid service from the site, hotspotshield.com. As a free service, you can secure your internet connection while surfing when it hooks up to an independent server. It assigns a US IP address granting you access to a lot of sites. Data is encrypted giving you an anonymous identity while browsing without revealing sensitive passwords, data or location.

There’s also a tool that blocks malware giving an added layer of security when you are online. However, there are a few snags when using the free service. The inconvenience of ads on the site is one and there is no technical support. Browsing is also slow when there are many users accessing the server. For an extra fee, a paid subscription eliminates ads with better malware protection. It also includes a 24/7 technical support and faster browsing capability.


Hotspot shield is easy to use and is available to IOS, Windows, and Android users. Installing it protects you from being vulnerable to unwanted intrusions and theft. It also opens restricted sites especially when it comes to video streaming which are often limited to certain countries and audiences.


One of the issues brought up by users is that it slows down start-up times because the programme verifies the connection to VPN mode. In addition, the software interferes with other programmes running on computers. As a consequence, internet connections time out or are even lost leading to costlier expenses for technical support and trouble shooting. Others report of complicated spyware and adware which are difficult to remove.

Is it worth it?

Other than the limitations mentioned, hotspot shield offers an alternative to secure computers and identities from being spotted on the World Wide Web especially when using public connections. There are also other VPN services such as Spotflux or Folderlock you can try if this is a utility tool you are comfortable using.

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