Hot girls, bad jokes, football and weekend fun

It's Friday afternoon, and what better way to spend your final office hours this week than surfing the web for indecent images on PornoTube whilst trying not to get sacked (for the easily offended - sorry to bring this one up, but as you can see I've not included the link. Anyone interested in the YouTube spin off will no doubt find it easily anyway...), Hoffing your friends and cracking lame jokes to your boss?

If you're looking for a good joke RSS feed to add to your MIX, Maxim's new addition is worth a look. If it's a steady stream of hot girls you're after, they now also have a Miss Maxim RSS feed, sending you their girl of the day direct to your MIX page. Girls and gags...Friday fun guaranteed.

And to top off this hedonistic menagerie of your favourite topics? Football of course. Add Sky Sports' RSS feed to your MIX for latest Premiership news. Now, stop looking for PornoTube before your manager walks past and catches you. They don't have a "the boss is coming" button like Lastminute.com so you really would be stuffed.

Not that WebTwitcher has spent any length of time on the site...it was all in the name of research, you understand...


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