Hooray! Soon you'll be able to skip those irritating YouTube ads

Yay, YouTube Shows! No longer must we wrestle with our cable box's horrible menus to watch last week's The IT Crowd, we just nip along to the site where we spend most of our time anyway.

But what's this? Ads! Ugh. If I want to watch adverts, I'll watch TV! Can we be bothered to sit through this? Hmm, we really do need to do our ironing. OK, we'll watch this later.

Sound familiar?

Well, here's some good news. YouTube have decided the lost viewership of people put off by ads outweighs the benefits. They've announced that later this year they'll be adding a 'skip' button so you can cut through the ad and straight to your program.

Looks like your hit of Gok's Fashion Fix will be closer to hand than ever...

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