Hooray its the weekend, spend it on a British beach

It's the weekend! Hoorah, it's time to jump in the car and take yourself and your best buddies off to a good old British seaside resort. First up, Cornwall, once home of Cornish Pasties, dramatic coastlines and dairy cows. Now home to Jamie Oliver's new Fifteen restaurant, and hence a steady stream of Londoners pouring onto cheap flights from Air Southwest to head down to the West Country.

Neuveau Cornwall-ites aside, its still a great place to go, especially if you fancy your chances on a surf board. Add Cornwall Guide's RSS feed to your MIX if you need to know the coastal conditions for all the main surf destinations in the area. Next up, Brighton. Needing little introduction, Brighton's eclectic mix of arts and eccentricities have been drawing visitors from all walks of life for centuries. Add the Gastronaut blog RSS feed to your MIX for regular reviews on where to eat. If you want to get a feel for the place first, the Brighton Daily Photo is another enlightening feed. The Brighton Brigade even have their own blog group Brighton Bloggers with an RSS feed to keep you up to date with news from the town's online community.

Finally, a post on weekend beach resorts would not be complete without a customary heads up to Blackpool and the finest example of juxtaposition in the English language, its Pleasure Beach.


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