Honeycomb makes us hungry

This has been a big week for Android fans. Not only did Android 2.3, the long-awaited 'Gingerbread' update put in an appearance; but we also got a sneak preview of Android 3.0, nicknamed 'Honeycomb.'

On Tuesday, not long after the launch of Gingerbread, Google's Andy Rubin - head honcho for Android - took the stage at the D: Dive into Mobile conference in the US. He brought a few treats with him, one of which was a prototype Motorola tablet running what looked a heck of a lot like Android 3.0.

You see, Android tablets up till now - there's only a handful so far - have suffered from being based around an operating system meant for phones. Apple's iPad may look like an overgrown iPod Touch, but in fact the big A did a lot of work on iOS to make it work well on a larger screen - work which Android hasn't had done yet.

Or rather, hasn't had released yet. Because if this tablet prototype is anything to go by, Honeycomb - now confirmed to be the first 'tablet-ready' version of Android - is coming along nicely. An email app had been nicely expanded to fill the tablet screen, and Rubin explained that Honeycomb features a nifty 'widgetized' feature where an application can be split into panels which you sift through on a phone, but which appear side-by-side on a tablet.

Oh, and there's no buttons. That's right! None! All things considered, you should probably check out the video.

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