Honeycomb amazes

Did you miss our article yesterday about Google holding an event to unveil Android Honeycomb? Silly Billies; how on earth are you going to see just what they were talking about, no, hmm? Easy, thanks to us: you can now watch the event as it happened on YouTube, or just click on the embedded video below – it is easier, after all.

As for what’s in it, we simply don’t have space to list everything, but it does look pretty special, especially the graphical capabilities for video games. Menu functionality and the ease with which you can slide between applications look really special, and the CNN application is incredible: take a look at how you can seamlessly move between live video and site browsing.

The only bum note was the video chat, which developers still seem to think we’re all massively bothered about (we’re not), and was shown in its worst light in a conversation between an Android hot shot and Cee-Lo Green. However, the rest of the display was so impressive we’ll allow it. In short, Honeycomb is pushing tablet technology to a completely new level, so check it out.

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