How to choose home printers

The general criteria in choosing home printers are:

  • Printer features and functionality
  • Your budget

Printer features and functionality

Bubblejet VS laser printer

For short term use, a bubblejet printer works well enough. It is the cheapest printer that you can find in the market.

For long term use, a laser printer is the better choice. The initial cost (of purchase) may be higher but in the long run, it is cheaper than using a bubblejet printer. Ink and paper usage as well as noise level are minimised. At the same time, printing quality and speed are increased.

Due to the initial cost of buying a laser printer, consider purchasing a monochrome laser printer instead of a colour printer. But if you often need to print in colour, buy a bubble jet printer.

Printer, scanner and fax

You can purchase a sole printer or a printer that also lets you scan and fax. The sole printer feature may be the cheapest but if you are going to buy a sole scanner and a sole fax as well, combining them in a single equipment is cheaper.

However, combined features don't usually match the quality of sole features but, may be sufficient for home use.

Where to buy home printers at discount

Go to Epson.co.uk

Click 'special offers' and save with more than ten types of printers. Save as much as 50% or GBP75 for Epson Stylus Office BX525WD.

Go to Apple.com/uk/promo

Get a rebate of up to GBP70 when you purchase a Mac and a qualifying printer.

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