Holographic TV only a decade away

A tech expert form T-Mobile claimed yesterday that Holographic TV is only a decade away, reports Electric Pig, while the people listening muttered grumpily about when their appalling phone connections would be fixed.

'Storage capacity and processing capacity is exploding,' said Christopher Schlaffer, chief innovation offer with T-Mobile's parent company Deutsche Telekom. 'Cloud computing is there and of course there will be 3DTV and holographic TV in the next ten years; we’ve already seen these things out there.'

But that's not all, Schlaffer claims that all of this will come through a super speedy broadband connection that T-Mobile will be providing. 'Ten years from now are we going to be looking at 1000Mb connections in every home on average? I would say yes, absolutely', he said. 'Mobile internet devices and mobile phones will be relevant for the IPTV in the future, that is clear.'

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