Holidays are over, welcome back to your desk

So, August bank holiday is officially over and you're back at work with no more holidays left till Christmas. Oh dear, what depression, what gloom! Well fear not, sad reader, because WebTwitcher has been scouting around this weekend for some of the best web gags, videos and odds and sods to get you in a good mood this Tuesday.

First up, scaling the Google Video charts is George Bush singing U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. If you're feeling low, what better sport than Bush-Baiting?

Then from yesterday's Geriatric1927 antics to the other end of the age scale. If you've not seen the baby breakdancer yet, check out his baby-groove moves for some dance floor inspiration.

Tired of seeing "clean me" on the back of dirty white vans? Keep an eye out for Scott Wade's amazing designs on dirty car windscreens - his new gallery can be seen at Dirty Car Art.

If you think your life is stuck in a rut, remember, you never know what's round the corner. Take Guy Goma, for instance, the taxi driver interviewed by the BBC, mistaken for tech journalist Guy Kewney. Well, his wheel of fortune is certainly spinning in the right direction at the moment. A crazy Hollywood producer has, while you were eating fish 'n chips on the windy beach front this weekend, approached him with the idea of making a film of his life, according to the Sun. A Cinderella story in the making if ever there was one.

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