Holiday Holograms

Been to an airport recently? Bloomin' chaos, isn't it? There are so many checks and shoe-removing shenanigans, it's hard to know which way you're supposed to be queueing when. Wouldn't it be good if there could be more staff to tell you what you're supposed to be doing?

Ah, but times are hard in airline world, what with fuel costs, volcanoes and the like. And staff are expensive. What's the answer?


Yes, you heard us right. Luton Airport has installed two holographic announcers to help people prepare for security checks. Nicknamed 'Holly' and 'Graham' (geddit?), they'll drone on and on about how you can't carry liquids of more than 100ml on no more than a battery charge.

Here's video from the BBC:

A pleasingly banal use for cutting-edge technology, we're sure you'll agree.

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