HMS games for history enthusiasts: all you need to know.

This award-winning cult series of games called 'Europa' has been around for almost three decades and is an amazing detailed study of Second World War operations in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa, starting with the Spanish Civil War in Spain and ending with the final Allied victory.

Military history enthusiasts and gamers just love the games and regularly participate in the series, which was first enhanced by Game Research/Design, who produced a set of accessories, brought out the Collector’s Edition and began two new series based on the Europa system. Historical Military Services, or HMS Games took over from GR/D Games in 2004 bringing  more resources and a commitment to 'Grand Europa'.

And now HMS/GRD is bringing out a new game, Total War, which covers the German invasion of the Soviet Union, from summer 1941 to spring 1942. It’s a remake and update of the classic Europa game, Fire in the East but using a completely new Soviet OB, a new map and it reflects new research.

In this two-player game, one side controls the forces of Germany and its allies and the other, the forces of the Soviet Union. The latter uses former secret Kremlin information on the Red Army  that fought the war, and as an Axis player you can aim to improve on the offensive that captured millions of Soviet soldiers.

So, if fighting to take Moscow or Leningrad is your thing, you’ll love HMS games with their high quality counters and maps.  It's more than a game: it's a challenge! The new game will cost $195 when available. Visit http://hmsgrd.com/wordpress/ for further details.

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