Find some of the best deals on Hitachi digital cameras here!

Argos has one of the best selection of digital camera anywhere in The UK. They always have great deals on and if you are prepared to bundle your camera with essentials such as memory cards or carry cases, you can save even further! Some of their best deals on Hitachi digital cameras can be found below.

For only £39.99, you could be the owner of the Hitachi HDC991 9MP compact digital camera. The camera has a 2.3 inch LCD screen so you can see your snaps before saving them. It is finished in a strong black or purple plastic. The camera requires 2 x AAA batteries which are included.

You can avail of their half price deal by buying a HAMA carry case and 4GB SDHC memory card with this camera. For more information about the camera, visit argos.co.uk and use the code 559/3495 for black or 559/6492 for purple.

Another great Hitachi camera is the HDC1409 14MP compact digital camera. Again, this camera comes in both black and pink and is finished in a durable plastic. This camera comes with a rechargeable Li-lon battery so you can save on buying expensive batteries.

There are some great features on this camera such as anti-blur, red eye reduction, 27 scene modes, smile shutter and self timer. There are plenty of extras you can buy with this camera for half price. To find out more information about this camera or the other Hitachi digital cameras they have, visit argos.co.uk.


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