Let us help you find a new Hitachi digital camera

Hitachi are one of the UK's favourite brands of digital camera. Their cameras are known to be sturdy and can take a few knocks before it faults. The cameras can be very reasonably priced if you know where to shop for them. Our first Hitachi digital camera that we will look at is the HDC1499.

This stylish camera is finished in a clean crisp black. A massive 14MP lens along with 5x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom ensures that you get the best snaps you can! The camera also features PictBridge software so you can easily share your photos online.

Other features are anti-blur technology, red eye reduction, SD ready, movie capture with playback and sound, self timer and a built in flash. It is currently only £79.99 in Argos, saving you £10 on the original price!

The Hitachi HDC1409 is another reasonably priced digital camera. It comes in a baby pink colour and is also 14MP. 4x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom accompany this. The camera comes with picture stabilisation and a self timer with a built in flash. It also has red eye reduction and anti-blur technology.

The camera can be connected to a computer or laptop via USB or video out leads. The camera is super light weighing just 112 grammes! It can be yours today for just £69.99 if you order on pricerunner.co.uk. Delivery of this item is free and they have a wide range of extra accessories that you can add to your buy for ridiculously low prices!


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